The services of Diosfit are a reflection of our recipe for success: consistency, positivity, and taking action. When you join Diosfit, it is our Coaching Advisor’s responsibility to ensure you subscribe to the service which will make you imbibe the values above in your fitness journey.

Individual Design Training Program

Have you ever looked for diet options and ended up reading about an infinite number of variations, not knowing which one is the best for you?

Have you ever found yourself lost in the chaos of information available online about the best training practices or exercise regimes?

Have you been training for a long time, but feel stuck, not knowing what to do for further progress?

What if we would say, we have a service, which gives you access to a professional coach, who will give clear instructions and a fitness prescription customized and personalized only for you?

The Individual Design Training Programs, or as we call it in short, the “ID” is the masterpiece of the Diosfit service offering. The term speaks for itself – we give you a coach who will assess your current fitness situation, help you define your goals, and give you the program you need in and out of the gym to reach your goals.

How does it work ?

Consultation & On-Ramp

All these sessions are 1-on-1.

You will have a Consultation with our Advisor to learn your needs and find the coach who is the best match for you. Your coach will conduct a fitness Assessment and schedule some personal training sessions to set you up for the next phase of your journey.

Individual Program and Floor Session

This is not open gym as it is called in other fitness centers.

Your individual program, containing both exercise and lifestyle prescriptions, comes right from your Coach through your coaching application.
During the floor session, there is a Coach always available whose responsibility is that you conduct your program as it is intended and that you get the necessary support and guidance for your training.


Continuously optimizing your fitness.

Your coach will monitor your progression in different areas :

  • Monthly Inbody Scans to follow the changes in your body composition
  • Frequent talks in the on-going Consultations
  • Weekly check-in on your exercise program.

Active Life Sessions 

Are you afraid of getting hurt when exercising? Do you know what to do in the gym?

Do you need more confidence in your body and your exercise routine? Do you want to learn what, why and how to do in an exercise program?

Or maybe you’re looking to get healthier while enjoying the social aspect of being around others? 

If the answer to any of these questions is a yes, then our Active Life Sessions are made for you. This is not Bootcamp. This is not Circuit Training. This is not Cross-Training. The Active Life Sessions in Diosfit are about mixing what one needs for a fit, happy and active lifestyle: correct motions through constant progressions; education and supervision by a Diosfit coach – all of this while enjoying the social aspect of having other members around you.

How does it work ?

Consultation & On-Ramp

All these sessions are 1-on-1.

You will have a Consultation with our Advisor to determine your needs and if the Active Life Sessions are the right fit for you. In the On-Ramp, you will work with a Coach, who is in charge of the Active Life Sessions. They will take you through a physical fitness assessment and your personal training sessions, prioritizing your needs before starting in the group.

Active Life Sessions

Limited class size with maximum attention.

Classes are run by a Diosfit Coach at dedicated times. Our coaches lead and supervise the full session and provide new and useful information regarding the program, exercising and execution.


Get the foundations for a fitter lifestyle.

The sessions provide adequate physical activity and knowledge about fitness, which is enough to build a confident foundation. During the sessions, our coaching team monitors closely your performance and program and once they find you are ready for the next step, they will advise you  about other possible services for further progress.

Personal Training

Personal Training is a well-known service in the fitness industry. For a dedicated time, you can have undivided attention of, and gain hands-on experience from working with a Coach 1-on-1.

We know it is an incredible value having a coach at your side for the right reasons, such as learning new and complex movements or ensuring your safety when going through a recovery process.

The important difference between a Personal Training session in any other gym and in Diosfit is that we use Personal Training as an effective tool, but not the only tool. We have clients who work only in a Personal Training setting as their conditions and goals require it, but we also provide Personal Training as a complementary service to our Individual Design or Active Life clients.

How does it work ?


Our Coaching Advisor will help you to determine if Personal Training is the service you need and then the frequency, length and the coache that best matches your needs.

Training sessions

We have experienced different situations where Personal Training is needed and accordingly during the sessions you will work 1-on-1 with your assigned Coach with the frequency andfor the length that is necessary.


In Personal Training, your Coach has all the subjective and objective information on-hand to monitor your progress such as your feedback or seeing your movement and performance.

It’s time to achieve your goals !

Schedule your free fitness consultation and start your journey to wellness.