1-on-1 sessions with a Diosfit Coach

You can only change your life if you’re committed; staying committed is not easy and requires a change of mindset – consistency, confidence and competence. We are all at different stages in this journey with different measures of evaluation and therefore require different solutions to enable us to progress on this path.

To make sure we understand our clients’ needs and to be able to provide tailored solutions, we have enrolled every Diosfit coach into the Active Life Professional (AL-P) education. At the same time, we have now started to provide 1-on-1 sessions so that none of our members are left behind in their fitness journey.

Every new Diosfit member’s journey is advancing through 1-on-1 sessions up to the point where their coach is sure that the member is consistent, confident and competent to carry out their sessions independently with minimum supervision.

To enable our existing clients to benefit with the same, we are now making these 1-on-1 sessions available to all our clients and we are highly recommending these to enable you to improve your confidence, competence and consistency.

Why you should consider taking 1-on-1 sessions?


“I get so much more out of my training in a 1-on-1 session.”

Max F.- migrated full from his individual training to 1-on-1 sessions


• You’re finding it difficult to make time for your training.

• You are missing your sessions regularly, your progress is stalling, and you feel anxious about your results.

• You’re cancelling your training appointments frequently.

Coaching is an agreement and a relationship with your coach. A 1-on-1 appointment with a coach waiting for you goes a long way in building responsibility and accountability. Your coach is there to hand hold you till through this phase.


“I’m progressing towards my goals faster than I imagined. “
Claude F.- ex-member who had his individual plan and has now returned for 1-on-1 sessions


• You’ve missed sessions and are now uncomfortable working out alone.

• You’re struggling with aches and pain and do not feel sure or safe about your exercises and/or your daily activities.

• You’re a gym ‘veteran’ and are ready to learn some more complex skills.

• You struggle with the same move/exercises and are confused with the tips you receive on the training floor.

Our coaches are undergoing continual education allowing them to solve complex issues. Active Life Professionals understand pain management and detailed physical assessments.


“I feel more confident in the gym and in my private life since I started training with Diosfit.” Danielle H. – after years of Personal Training in another studio, now working 1-on-1 to transition to her individual program


• You struggle to read and understand your exercise program.

• You do not know how to save your score/feedback on your program.

• You depend on your saved scores in CoachRx to determine what load to use in each exercise.

• You get injured/hurt and are afraid of a certain move or exercise.

• You wish to learn new exercises but a new phase in your program makes you anxious instead of excited.

Understanding your program, exercise, feedback, self-awareness are all key elements of your program. They can admittedly get overwhelming if you’re less than an expert. Mastering them with the help of a coach will get you more confident enabling you to realize your full potential.


Education is more important than Exercise.

Mindset has a greater standing than Methodology.

The right step supercedes an easy step.

Why working 1-on-1 with a Coach?

If our coaches see you struggling with any of the qualities above and believe they can help you better with a few or more 1-on-1 sessions, they will approach you to get a Consultation and discuss the most optimal scenario and the details of your case. Alternatively feel free to approach us for a tailor made offer for yourself.