Who is Sofie?

Sofie has dedicated her life to health and fitness.


Growing up, she struggled a lot with her own health, visited one doctor after the other and was often left alone to just deal with stress at a very young age. This made her eager to take care of herself without relying on doctors, so she adapted her lifestyle to finally feel better. At age 13, she started to cook her own meals, read about food, exercise, and experimented with all kinds of things to find an answer on how and what works best for her.


With her experiences, setbacks, failures and struggles she knows that anything is possible and that is exactly why it was her dream to have her own gym close to where she grew up. She wants to share her experience with others, so they can improve their health in a shorter time frame and get to feel good and move beautiful for a lifetime. Like with everything she does, she learns while doing, so she did not only fall in love with the human body but also with the procedures of a fitness service. She wants to optimize our coaching service to the best possible so she can help people achieve their true, meaningful goals.


As a former soldier, she combines discipline with her natural empathy in coaching to guide people through a realistic way of making a change. The value of hard work, sacrifice, discipline, and pursuit of one’s goals is how she guides her clients to eventually make a change.

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