Who is Miguel?


Miguel was born in Lisbon, and he has only moved to Luxembourg at age 8 with his parents. From young age he has been very athletic, experimenting various sports such as taekwondo, swimming, rugby, athleticism, until he found the one that turned to be his passion: football.

Playing football wasn’t only about the game for him; the high physical demand of the game and the various injuries he has seen and suffered from set him up on the journey to get his higher education in Sports Science.


In 2017 Miguel moved back to Lisbon to study in the Faculty of Humans Kinetics. During this time, he continued to play football in the university team and started strength training in the gym. The combination of these disciplines in his own routine gave him the first-hand evidence how a well-structured training program contributes to one’s wellness in life.


Miguel started to work as Personal Training in 2021 in Luxembourg. At the same year, he also started his Master’s Degree in Sports Science in the University of Luxembourg.
Miguel believes that with persistence everyone can achieve their goals and the efforts put in the right way always pay off in the end. Miguel sees his role as a coach being the support for his clients: he helps them to keep the promises they make to themselves, so they can lead a happier life while advancing with their goals ahead.

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