Who is Atti?

Atti started his career as a combat unit officer in the Hungarian Defense Forces. While being deployed in Kosovo in 2016, he met Sofie and together they decided to make a change of their careers. He moved to Luxembourg in the end of 2017 to open their first fitness studio: Fitness Dionysos.


Atti has an unwavering passion for continually diving deeper and deeper into the different topics that pertain to fitness, ranging from optimal movement to mindset and even philosophy. Because of this drive for deeper understanding, he has completed many courses and built a world-wide network with leaders of the fitness industry. Atti did not only graduate as an OPEX CCP Associate Coach, but he contributed to their latest educational coursework, while releasing 2 online coaching classes. Atti has personally conducted thousands of assessments and has written equally as many programs for the people of Luxembourg. He has also mentored other coaches at different levels to help them improving their skills and craft.


Atti’s philosophy towards coaching is relatively simple. He meets his clients where they are at and sets them up to pursue higher standards – not because of him, but for themselves. No two clients have the same training age, biological age, injury history, training history, athletic background or even lifestyle, but Atti believes all the clients can share the mindset of always aiming higher – starting where the person is and moving them forward from there.

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