Who is Annso?

Annso is an enthusiastic coach who has made it her mission to help people live a more fulfilling life through fitness.

Growing up, she describes herself pretty unathletic without any affection towards sports. This inactive lifestyle continued all the way up to her twenties. Then, at the university, when her physical and mental health took a turn for the worse, Annso decided to join fitness classes in an attempt to take care of her health. The 3-4 weekly sessions quickly became a part of her weekly routine and the newfound hobby snowballed into positive changes in other aspects of her life: nutrition, self-care in general and of course, a new kind of self-confidence.

Curious as she is, Annso soon wanted to gather as much knowledge on the topics of health and fitness as possible to ensure she is on the right path. While diving deeper into the matter via the internet and her remote studies in fitness coaching, she realised that there is a lot in one’s power to create a meaningful change. She turned down her Russian studies and left the idea of being a foreign correspondent behind to become a fitness coach who helps peope to achieve that meaningful change.

Based on her personal experiences, she is a firm believer that having courage is the most important thing helping you live the life you picture for yourself and this quality of empowerement defines her style of coaching: “Be brave and your bravery will be rewarded, always.”

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