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  • “Non restrictive” & self-evident approach

Before you could eat and drink as much as you want without a worry, but lately you gain weight easily and the last few kilos are stubborn.

You have always enjoyed your life all in: night outs with alcohol, restaurants with desserts, often short on sleep. But your last doctor visit and blood test results have scared you a little bit. You have always been energetic and in a good shape, but times are changing: children, new job, and extra work – you are not only less active but you also feel sluggish and low on energy.

Of course there is always the option of short-term fixes: a 30-day diet, more coffee, re-juvination camps, detox camps, you name it. You have probably tried them and maybe even had some tiny success – still, you know it does not make the cut and you need a serious change. But how?

How can we help?

Diosfit Coaches not only excel in physical exercise but understand and deliver the basics of an optimal lifestyle: nutrition, food hygiene, sleep, etc. When working for a lifestyle change, we provide you a support system which allows a progressive but sustainable change, keeping you accountable and consistent. Your Coach will not only design your training program but assign you simple lifestyle tasks as well, all based on you and your current situation moving you towards your health goals.


Watch and listen to our coach, Jonathan sharing some insights.


“The individuality of the training program and the approach of the coaches in diosfit keeps me motivated. I can finally see my body changing even if I was doing fitness for 3 years before. Diosfit is the reason why I wake up at 8.00 a.m on sundays.”


Ready to get stronger?

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