fitness & exercise

  • Personalized program

  • Motivation

  •  Goal oriented

  • Confidence

  • Continuous progression

We all started at the same place with no or little idea about how to train, worrying about the right form, movement, randomly moving from one machine to the other, often overtraining some body parts and neglecting others.

Eventually with little or no gains and a loss of motivation we end up lost and unfit.

While fitness is not necessarily easy and simple, it does not have to be hard and complex – everyone can achieve the adequate level of competence and confidence with the right program and guidance

How can we help?

Diosfit coaches work with each of their clients through personalized programs and supervised training sessions. You get a program especially designed for you based on where you are today and where you want to be in the future. Strength, Endurance/cardio or general health – the priorities are set by you, and your Coach will take care of the planning.

Additionally through 1-on-1 personal training sessions we also ensure you learn all the necessary skills for your training program including how to use the different equipment.


Watch and listen to our coach, Annso sharing some insights.


” Diosfit is way more than a “gym”… It is my “me time” , my social hour and the force that made me better ,strong and balanced . Needless to say , it is the highlight of my day!”


Want more info?

If you are up to change your life and get fit while keeping your motivation high – now is the time! Contact us below!

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