Success stories

Why Diosfit?

  • Education, Exercise, Mentorship

  • Knowledgeable support

  • Personalized approach

  • Accountability & Engagement

  • Progression at your rate


 “I am so happy to have integrated with Diosfit. With you I found the discipline and the motivation that I lacked for many years. Of course I was doing sports but I had no idea of what is good or not […] I can not imagine training without your support.”


 “I have learned a lot from the team of Diosfit. Atti helped me discovering what was limiting my squat. Sofie gave amazing directives on movements and how to use the core.”


 “My experience with Diosfit is great. Sofie regularly asks questions about where I am feeling certain exercises which helps me focus on form and if I am executing correctly. She listens wonderfully – even to a sarcastic American! Her explanations are detailed and very clear. She has a passion for her work and the mechanics of the human body and it shows!”


 “I am feeling much more confident that I can develop a long term plan for my exercise goals, and (most important) have the knowledge and skills to achieve them.”


 “I still have the life long goal to be fit enough to enjoy life. Doing sports has and will continue to be an important part of my life. And the work-out sessions have become highlights of my week.”


Are you ready?

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