Our history

Our story started back in 2016 when our founders Sofie and Atti met during their deployment in Kosovo. As soldiers, fitness and performance was crucial for their profession. They soon recognized that they share similar values and a mindset that fitness is not only about high-performance or records or a particular shape, but also about generally feeling good, being a better human and living a larger life.

Through their years in many different countries and fitness facilities, they saw the fitness industry lacks the vision they believed in – helping people through personalized care to live a better life. There couldn’t be a better reason to leave the army…

Fitness Dionysos was born early 2018 in Wormeldange, Luxembourg, with a new model of service based on: Consistency, Positivity and Action. We called this service Coach on Floor, where every Dionysos client was assigned a coach to work with their personalized programs while always having access to the floor coach during their training to ensure quality motions and correct understanding of the exercise program. Our recipe for fitness was to provide the highest care possible for our clients to benefit from fitness for their lifetime.

While Sofie and Atti saw and experienced a lot of success with their clients, they had the feeling that more could be done in order to improve people’s life and fitness. Dionysos had to evolve.

End of 2021, we at Dionysos decided to level up and go for a bigger impact on the fitness world of Luxembourg. After having success and results with his own program in Fitness Dionysos, long time member Raman Karol joined the team and Diosfit was founded with a second facility in Fentange, Luxembourg, while also rebranding Dionysos to Diosfit.

We have happily served our members to give the best possible fitness experience since


Our mission

Feel good, Move well – our motto perfectly embodies our vision, mission and our values.

In Diosfit we believe, fitness is not just physical, but equally mental and emotional. It is professional, engaging & personalized and to that end, we do not promote one single method or solution – our method is providing the best FITNESS SOLUTION ONLY FOR YOU, which will boost your consistency, positivity and stimulate you to take action– always and forever.

Diosfit will change the way people look at fitness. We teach our clients how fitness can accommodate a better life, improving body functionality and allowing them to define fitness themselves with the help of our professional coaches.

Our services are the reflection of our values, allowing you to engage in fitness, wherever you are today, and move forward and progress consistently.

Our services

The services of Diosfit are a reflection of our recipe for your success.

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